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How Small Scale Social Networking Sites Also the Most Effective?

Cross-Linking Among Social Networking Sites

Even more enticing is the fact that a large majority of those users are people who frequent multiple social networking sites. If your article hits the front page of a small social networking site, a user who is registered at say Delicious may discover your post and submit it to Digg as well. What many people don’t know is that many of the current top Diggers got there by spam-submitting successful articles from all the smaller social networking sites on the Internet. From an ethical standpoint that may seem like something negative, but in the eyes of a blogger you should love these people. These are the lunatics that actually like doing lots of work and submitting articles. I say give them what they want and have them work for you!


Social Media Traffic

Articles that reach the front page on one site frequently appear on other social networking sites over a period of days. In the page of my stats above you can clearly see how horrible my site was doing before I started using social networking sites. I had a decent amount of users who liked my content, but the problem was it was growing at a very slow rate. If you look at March 10th, when I submitted one of my sites to a small and tight-knit social networking site my traffic instantly flew up as I hit the front-page shortly after. According to service here you can observer the ricocheting effect of the social networking traffic as over the course of the next few days my site was submitted to multiple other social networking sites and gained an outstanding level of traffic. One after the other my article spread from one site to the next until I was reaching new highs in traffic than previously before.

In a future post studydaddy experts will be constructing a list of all the smaller undiscovered social media sites categorized by their niche that can help jump-start the traffic on your blog, so subscribe to my RSS feed so you can be the first to know when it’s published. Just click on the RSS icon in the top right corner of the page.

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