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Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and given the lack of visibility on issues regarding taxation and public spending in Colombia, it is not surprising that corruption has taken hold of the country

Most Colombians do not understand where their taxes are going, and because of this, politicians can funnel resources into their own pockets and/or make unrealistic promises that do not take into account the government’s financial constraints. 


Our mission

In order to make public finance accessible to all Colombians, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana has created the Observatorio Fiscal. Our mission is to democratize all the information concerning taxes and public spending in Colombia. We seek to promote civic engagement and empower citizens to fight corruption and wasteful spending, by giving them the resources they need to make informed voting decisions. In particular, we:

Analyze tax reform proposals and public spending in Colombia, focusing on their effects on the distribution of income and wealth, as well as their impact on economic growth.

Share the results of research by us and others, in a way that the average voter (not just scholars and specialists) can understand.

Reach out to the media to strengthen their understanding of how taxes and government spending affect income and wealth inequality, as well as economic growth.

Reach out directly to the public through online social networks.

Organize and participate in conferences, round tables and other public policy forums.

Thank you for your interest. 

If you want to support our work, please follow the instructions below:

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From outside Colombia:

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